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Brand Introduction

Ueno Co., Ltd. was established in January 1982. The company's main business is the design and manufacture of filter coils and smoothing choke coils. Production plants are located in Yamagata Prefecture, Japan, Fujishima, Japan, Dongguan, China, and Dalian, China. The product adopts flat wire winding, fully automatic high-speed winding, good product consistency and stable quality. Save 90% time compared to conventional manual winding. The monthly output is 8,000,000.

         The company has been awarded the ISO certification and the economic innovation award, the identification of the SME management innovation support system, and the production of the ring-shaped induction coils from the Tohoku Industrial Activation Center. The highest recognition in Japan, the Happiness Industry Award, and the vigorous and medium-sized The top 300 manufacturing companies, the Japanese manufacturing industry awards & emsp; the Northeast Economic Industry Director Award, the Nikkei BP Special Award, the Technology Award, the Industry Award, and the Global Top 100 Enterprises.