Date:2018-11-15 viewed:974

Brand Introduction

FlexUP Technologies Corporation (FTC) is a professional manufacturer specializes in providing Polyimide (PI) materials for a variety of flexible electronic applications, such as AMOLED, PMOLED, AMLCD, flexible electronics, touch sensor, window film, etc.  Our technologies offer both laser lift-off and mechanical lift-off options.

          Flexup offers low CTE and high Tg PI substrates on rectangular (up to Gen 2.5 dimension) glass and wafer shape glass (up to 12 inch) with good optical, mechanical, thermal, and chemical performances to allow process temperature as high as 450°C.

         The de-bonding force between Polyimide and release layer (de-bonding, DBL) is fairly small even after high temperature processes and the electronic component on the PI substrate can easily be released mechanically from the carrier glass.

Product Description