GaN Systems

Date:2018-11-15 views:4953

Brand Introduction

GaN Systems is a power device semiconductor design company headquartered in Ottawa, Canada. The company specializes in the development of GaN power devices, and its products fully realize the advantages of GaN materials in power conversion and control applications. To overcome the bottlenecks in switching speed, temperature, voltage and current of silicon devices, GaN Systems has developed a full-power range GaN power switch tube, which is widely used in communications power, industrial power and transportation power markets.

            GaN Systems' unique lsland Technology® technology revolutionizes product cost, performance and mass production, making chips smaller and more efficient. The Fabless model allows GaN Systems to leverage their multi-generational resources with other innovative tools to make their designs easy to use with their GaN devices. GaN Systems has a management and design team with decades of industry experience and a proven track record. The company will continue to expand on the application of GaN devices in the field of power conversion.