Globally, China is the center of manufacturing for electronic devices, and it is the biggest procurement market of electronic components and materials. On August 2013, Shenzhen Sinox Electronics Corporation established, and it located in Shenzhen, where is the city of the hub of electronic industry of the world.

            On the strength of the distribution for electronic components and materials, we created this service platform for the industry, and with our professional learning-organization and the reliable analysis for information and data, we provide customers with the value-added services such as manufacturing outsourcing, technical support, reference design, quality analysis, warehouse logistics, etc., according to the supply and demands. We dedicated ourselves to electronic industry for many years, so we have abundant know-how, experiences and resources for serving every key link of upstream and downstream of the supply chains.

           “Our team is just our partner”, Sinox never gives up the exploration and pursuit for partnership system. Thus, we build up a learning-organization which is young and diversified and a business development pattern which is able to self replicate and self incubate.

            In the face of new industrial development trends, we will continue to obedience to the corporation vision of “Gather Optimal Devices and Construct An Intelligent World with Customers” for severing customers and partners, co-constructing cooperation ecology of the industry, and achieving the goal of synergetic development and getting return with customers, employees, shareholders and the society.