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Brand Introduction

Parade Technology Co., Ltd. is a leading supplier of hybrid signal IC chips that specialize in high-speed signal transmission interface standards for various popular displays, personal computers, consumer electronics, and display panels. Parade Company was established in 2005 as a semiconductor company without its own wafer factory, and its stock was officially listed and traded on the Taiwan OTC Market in 2011 (stock code: 4966- stock quotation). Parade IC chip product portfolio can support HDMI for display products, storage devices, and interface applications ™, DisplayPort ™, The growth demand for IC chips with transmission interface specifications such as SATA and USB.

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Product Category

High speed interface chip, protocol converter,USB,PCIe/SATA,HDMI/DVI,DisplayPort

Product Application

Applied in fields such as smartphones, personal computers, data centers, consumer electronics, and automotive electronics, providing high-speed data transmission/conversion solutions.

Product Introduction

Protocol converter: MIPI DSI to eDP converter, DisplayPort to VGA converter, DisplayPort to HDMI/DVI converter, DisplayPort/EDP to LVDS converter

USB: USB Type-C connection product, USB Hubs, USB Host Controllers, USB Docks, SuperSpeed USB Repeaters

PCIe/SATA: PCIe/SATA Redriver/Retimer/Switch

HDMI/DVI: HDMI/DVI adapter product, HDMI/DVI relay device

DisplayPort: DisplayPort demultiplexer, DisplayPort multiplexer, DisplayPort transmitter, DisplayPort relay