In-depth study of the current status of the company's human resource management, the customer in-depth study of the company's current human resources management status, objective analysis of the company's current strengths, disadvantages in terms of talent citation, configuration, use, training, incentives, and human resources management functions, organizational structure, etc. Scientifically build a talent development strategy and accurately position talents: shift from functional initiatives (such as compensation, benefits, staffing, and training) to integrated solutions that focus on business (such as improving talent supply, improving staff performance, or ensuring business has The capabilities required to implement the strategy):

1. Continuously supply high-performance qualified personnel with the required capabilities of the company;
2. Enhance the engagement of the employee group and establish a strong relationship between the individual and the organization;
3. Improve the ability of leaders and key talents;
4. Establish an advantageous talent management program and infrastructure;
5. Establish a desirable employment relationship;
6. Through the people, the return on investment of the company's change activities (such as mergers and acquisitions, innovation, etc.)